Tuesday, August 16, 2011


Saw it finally, was postponing my view because I had to watch it with great care coz its a Coen Brothers movie in which the style had to be observed keenly.

It's a simple story to start with but what entices the most is characterization and their feelings towards each other. A 14 year old girl goes on a journey to avenge the death of her father and todo this, she employs a marshal and is later accompanied by a ranger who also is the enemy of the killer. But don't miss it coz it's one of the best westerns made in a long long time.

It's a simple story and remains simple in presentation too, having said that Coen brothers remain so true to their style they show violence in a very humane way. To kill is a must if to forgive hurts us is what this movie is about. The journey the 14 year old girl and her marshal take through the landscapes of the dry forests where each one learns about the other and share a good deal of memories is enjoyable though some may say irrelevant to plot.

Cinematography is marvelous expectedly and so is the background, there are no flaws technically nor aesthetically and the non complex, straight forward characters makes this movie one of the most accessible Coen Brothers movie till date.

Hailee Steinfeld performance as Mattie Ross stood out.

Watch if for Coen Brothers view of the story that includes dark humour in many places and for Hailee's top notch performance. Not seen a girl play so stubbornly at such young age in the recent times. My rating is 4/5 for the best western made in a long long time.

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