Friday, August 12, 2011


Originally Written - 7th Jan 2010

I really pity this internet space for bearing my anger and unhappiness and becoming the shrine for it. Now, this piece is about clarification to myself as to how I work. Atleast here I can be true to myself.

I consider my working style to be simple, I am assigned something to do, so I will try my best to do it. It's not happening I would convey and state a reason as to why it's not happening. Simple ain't it.

Now, there in lies a problem, I am asked to do something and I say, see I don't wanna do it. But I still do it coz I am supposed to do it. Now what if, my saying that I don't want to do it becomes a concern against me. To say, anyone can say anything but if I did not do it and then a concern is raised, that is genuine. But how come, a concern is raised, by my saying that I won't do it. When I am actually doing it.

Ok let me make things clear, mom asked me to get milk early morning, I said "mom, I don'twanna do it", mom says "no one is there", so I just go and get it. Mom is happy ain't it. Now, if she tells dad "hey I told him but he says I don't wanna do, so that makes me uncomfortable" (note, mom did not mention i did), is this a valid concern? Absolutely not. Coz the moment I got milk things are done issue is resolved but if I did not get the milk and mom says "hey he did not get it and i got it". Now this becomes a valid concern.

The difference, first was driven by feeling and second was driven by action. Feelings are from the mindset, if you feel wrong, its because of various things that affect you and its personal. Action is something that is objective and evident and its not driven by mindset or internal feelings once it is performed it is there to see.

So before raising a concern one has to think if they are driven by feelings or by action. Now, currently I have concerns, I hate to say this coz only twice in my professional career I had concerns now is a phase where I have some. See I must not have these, I am not supposed to have these and these is against my true nature. Having said that, I have raised when I felt that action is not being taken upon when really required. I believe that my concerns are truly action oriented and not feeling oriented. I hav

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