Wednesday, August 10, 2011

3 IDIOTS (HINDI) - 2009

It’s good in parts but Okay as a whole. Aamir Khan this time comes up as an engineering student and does it not so convincingly. He seemed to have been through college not once but many times over, as he started telling 'Say your heart All is Well and things will fall into place'.

The movie is about giving freedom to kids and a message to parents, let them be what they want to be do not enforce things on them. This is conveyed in a light sense and in a comical way. Yet, at times it becomes preachy, like the confrontation of Rancho with Virus where Rancho says 'Yeh Marks mere ko samajh aaye hi nahi' and yet not at many other times. It is a parody of itself take the black and white scenes of Raju's family or the scene of Chatur Lingam where he says that after 5 years lets see who will be where. But the good moments are far and only between as a few drizzles in a tropic summer.

The cinematography is good only in parts. Like aerial shots of Shimla road and Ladakh scenes otherwise it was just good. The art designing is commendable with the look of college, hostel and other things done well. The editing was not precise as I thought there are lot of things that could have been cut out like the pregnancy sequence in climax. The casting was not apt except Boman Irani as Principal, Chatur Lingam guy the others were clearly not apt. The 3 main protagonists and the heroine were clearly a misfit as none seemed to be students. Acting was average as nothing was so great and so original as if it was never seen. Chatur Lingam was the silver lightning in the otherwise dry acting. Also to mention is Boman Irani as principal.

The writing was mediocre as their previous ones were well written and witty Munnabhai movies. And this was an adaptation of Five Point Someone having read that, I can say that the whole backdrop and the characters and only a few situations were picked but the point that was told was different from the book. That book is much worse than this movie. I am not detailing any instances as mostly, I found them silly and stupid.

And in parts, hardly a couple, the originality came out. The speech by Chatur Lingam is the saving grace otherwise it was merely pathetic but such instances took it to at least average level.

All is surely not well and it’s strictly Average - 2/5.

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