Tuesday, September 20, 2011


If I want to go on a trip then it would be something like this.

This is infact the best boys trip that I had seen in bollywood. Though it reminisces of Dil Chahta Hai, the other cult movie made by Farhan Akhtar who also acted in this one as Imran, the movie is very very good and is easily one of the best feel good movies that has been made this year. This movie tell the very old philisophy to Live Each Moment to the fullest or Seize the moment etc with the three friends telling this to each other. They are joined by girls, one is the instructor and the other is her friend and another is for Kabir who is already engaged to Natasha. 

It begins with a three guys getting decided to go on a journey that they have decided 4 years ago and now the time has come coz Kabir wil be married soon. It shows ironies too like Arjun the busiest of all, who believes that he wil make so much money that he will retire at 40 and then start living wil forget what he has to do today, Imran has a tragic past where his father has left him and he tries to confront him. Kabir's future is in jeopardy as he is engaged even without him committing to a relationship. So it's like Past of Imran, Present of Arjun and Future of Kabir and how they confront the past, disown the future and try to live in present is what is shown. Also, though unimportant is that the friends are Hindu (Arjun), Muslim (Imran) and Christian (Kabir). 

The movie has the best of adventure sports in the world be is scuba diving, sky diving or bull fight all these are shot very memorably and each one's emotion before and after the same are so ecstatic. One moment where Arjun who is afraid of water, completes Scuba diving comes up and just emotes silently with eyes. That one scene conveyed how powerful an actor Hrithik is. Also, Abhay Deol as Kabir is just as natural as himself and Farhan Akhtar as Imran brings out the comic moments all through the film.

There are many positives and the movie is superbly shot by Carlos Catalan and I thank him for showing the spain it is. So enticing and so beautiful. Surely, I would go there soon sometime with my friends too. 

The narrative is simple yet very well structured and it has the perfect pace. The one scene of Naseeruddin Shah was just on top and as always once again confirmed, he is one of the best actors we have. It's 4/5. This is a delightful journey to take on.

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