Monday, September 12, 2011


If there was a quickest romantic comedy then this would be it. It's easily one of the best movies that had been made.

I have firstly watched it without any references just seeing it in IMDB top 250 and that Frank Capra has directed. I completed watching it once, twice and now thrice. It's a simple ride that will be at times too fast as the bus moving in the film and at times lousy as they eat their breakfast. It's not hurried and it's neither slow. This has the perfect pace and Frank Capra, the genius who has given wonderful gems knows how to keep the audience glued.

The time it was made that is 1934 could have been so exciting to have seen this and I discovered this movie only last year that is 2010 and yet I was very excited all through for the first time and even now.
There are moments that have stood the test of time and this I believe will be appreciated simply for it's authenticity for a real life portrayal by characters.

Now coming the movie, it's a tale of a runaway girl who wants to meet the one she loves and along this journey meets a man she falls for. The depiction of such simplicity is strengthened with such conversations that are straight into heart as we can relate to all of those. Like the conversation where our hero helps the heroine save from the detectives while she combs her hair, ah so apt it was. Refulgent this movie shall be for all the romantic comedies.

I hugely thank frank Capra for presenting such a delightful film right in 1934.

It's 5/5 for the earliest romantic comedy that I am aware of and the one of the best I have seen thus far.

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