Monday, September 12, 2011


If I had seen the unseen then I saw it here. There is Woody Allen written all over the movie. Though, he has not played any character he ensured that every character was as stereotypical as Woody Allenish.

The movie begins with old age new yorker delivering a monologue of what it goes through in life then it takes to his home where his wife is upset with is nightmares and histrionics. He then meets a girl and now his life begins. This movie is more inclined questioning if anything, then sexuality and how each one is stuck in cliches and cliches work at times. 

This is not his best works ever but stil it is very watchable for the laughs and the sarcasm that it brings along. The protagonist is Boris played by Larry David and he tells the story all through. He also says into the audience in the beginning and at the end while at most times he is indulged in delivering monologues to other characters. He is so very delightful in this role. Evan rachel wood plays his muse Melody and with him she grows up and realizes there are better things in life. Now her parents so very religious and termed as psychotics by boris transform themselves and if you want to know what happened to them, please watch this little gem of a movie that made me yearn for more such stuff.

It's 3/5 and I would say Just Go with Whatever Works.

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