Tuesday, September 20, 2011


If there was an inspirational rock movie then here it is. 

All through my engineering that is from 2004 October (when I first saw) till the end of my studies and even today, this movie inspires me with its flamboyance of the JUST DO IT spirit. It's a well written tale and extremely well directed. To take this screenplay and bringing it to life and to extract such great acting from the kids is a serious director's job and kudos to Linklater for having done that so well.

It's a tribute to all those rock bands that have inspired over the years and this movie played a big part for my introduction to Rock music. A bunch of school guys form a band with the help of their teacher. Rather the teacher forms a band with help of school kids assigning them a job and its their journey from becoming a band to making songs. Passionate is how I would say the acting of Jack Black was as he lead the film all through bearing the weight solely on his shoulders.

There was no big star cast except him in the movie and this modest film budget did not allow the movie to explore may be. However, this movie is extremely well made in all departments. Production deign, editing must be given appreciation. editor for sure would have had a major job to have the unwanted and unnecessary things out. 

The music selection is also top notch with apt songs coming at the right time.

It's 4/5 for one of the best musical movies ever.

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