Thursday, September 8, 2011


A simple tale told very earnestly and honestly. 

This movie stands true to the spirit of the script and is very honest all through sticking to the girl who wears yellow boots. This movie could have been named anything and it was TGYIB so be it. It's a tale of girl in search of her father, fair enough but this girl is very interesting coz she does very unkind things,  she is not your girl next door even though she may stay next door. This girl has a strong motive and a will. One scene where she confronts her boyfriend revelas her pain and agony. That was one of the best scenes where she cries. 

This superbly acted, well written and aptly directed movie is very evocative and also provocative that asks questions so very pertinent. All actors have done well and for once I felt that Kalki has all the potential to make it big as an actress and I hope she does such cinema more often. The dialogues are very very well written even the small interactions between and auto driver and protagonist, with a client played by Naseeruddin Shah and Kalki, each one has a strong distinction and is very effective. But the one that will stand out will be the one with Chutiyapa (Chtitiappa as it comes in credits) and Kalki. Also impressive are conversations on phone by the receptionist of massage parlour played by Puja Sarup. That was a real life portrayal of many receptionists who indulge in conversations that are totally pointless most of the times.

This movie was a straight cut of a real life portrayal of a girl and is very well captured by cameraman and director so kudos for them too. I first read about 7D when I got to know thats few scenes of this film were shot using 7D (in Anurag Kashyaps' blog)  and now I have one too. 

Music is apt and it traverses from a song in the beginning to a thriller kind of music in the climax. Am very happy there are no unnecessary songs, music or even fights. This is how I want movies to be, those that will stick to the story and nothing but characters take the story forward. 

The language I must say is very realistic and if Kalki has written such stuff all kudos to her coz then I would label her as the boldest girl in Hindi Cinema Industry. Anurag Kashyap still holds the torch high for independent films in India and is now a beacon and the only silver lighting. When most flames are fading away to commercial cinema he is sticking to honest cinema and I can without doubt say is the best director as of today. 

Puja Sarup, Prashant Prakash and Gulshan Devayya need special mention for their roles and acting. But on top of it all we have Kalki who has brought the whole act very very convincingly.

It's 4/5 for a good one thats very effective but is unsettling and also very important kind of cinema.

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