Wednesday, September 21, 2011


I watched two movies 1) Zindagi Na Milegi Dobara 2) The Bucket List.
Both had many things in common and the message was similar just the context was different.

"Live your life now, we never know when we shall end" and I strongly believe in this and though I had discussed and made up my mind to do things right away or at least as soon as possible. I would go with this list. You can call it my Bucket List, the list I ought to complete before I Kick the Bucket. and believe me this would mostly comprise of travel and 5 years later I would revise it.

1) A trek to Machu Piccchu
2) A trek to Kailash Mansarovar
3) A visit to Paris and a night in a hotel nearest to Eiffel Tower.
4) A visit to Taj Mahal on a full moon night and see it glow under the moon.
5) An African Safari where I will see the Lions and Tigers wander near by my vehicle
6) Learn Swimming and do a scuba dive. You know what, I am very apprehnesive of water and that's a fear I need to come out of.
7) Visit to Spain and a road trip to many places. Go Barcelona and watch a football match there.
8) Visit to Brazil's carnival.
9) Visit to New Zealand's North Islands.
10) Visit to Germany and Greece. Germany for witnessing and being the epicenter for whole of the last century and Greece for it's mythology and the architecture and sculptures that it has.

So done with travel. Now my personal plans.

1) Have a 500 square yard plot (not more, not less) and within that have a wonderful study room and room to watch movies. That is either have a Bose TV or a wonderful projection system which ever is convenient. Dont worry about the kitchen and bed room as taking care of study and the TV room.
2) Have a lush green lawn and a small swimming pool within the plot.
3) Buy a small convenient car that can take you to a good place if you want to just leave home.
4) Marry a girl who will vow to two things a) It will be very strict register marriage with no invitees.     b) Children shall not be born and shall be adopted. (if she is OK with just one girl but adoption is a must).

And now here come my professional plans.

1) Complete and get out BABU KOSAM asap - target date for now October 9th.
2) Take up the next script and do it by end of next year.
3) Take up either of the remaining 3 scripts and then do it.
4) Finish the pending stories I have.
5) Post first feature film, get the poems published.

Many more things to do and many more things to write. I know only one job and that is to write. Good or Bad, I ain't gonna judge, I just shall keep on writing.

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