Tuesday, September 6, 2011

UDAAN (2010) - HINDI

Subah ki kirano ko roke jo salaakhen hai kahaa
Jo khayaalon pe pehre daale woh aankhen hai kahaa
Par khulne ki deri hai parinde ud ke choomenge

Where is a cage to hold the morning rays
Where are the veils to cover the dreams
It's time to open the wings for the flight to reach skies

The above lyrics convey a hope to take up dream and pursue it so to achieve it. This is what the film is about, a young boy has a dream he will go for it against the huge barrier placed. Now, this hindrance or stoppage is non other than his own father who becomes an obstacle for his only dream.

A very relevant movie for the times when people are lost in the race to accumulate more comforts through money, one wants a car another wants a villa so on and so forth and to achieve they take a route that fate had given them and not what they chose to do. This film clearly that it's easy to fall prey to fate but it's difficult to go for it. The toughest decision for any human is what would he like to do and end up in life as what. Now this film handles this very most important question in a very simple and a very relatable way.

Surely, there would be many Rohan's who succumb to the wishes of their parents and become what their parents to be. But I could relate to Rohan as I could see myself in him even I wanted to do arts but was put in engineering which I never understood. I want to become writer like Rohan too but yet that's my passion not profession (and the day is not so far when passion becomes profession, hopefully).

The simple story is elevated to very great level by performances of actors. Specifically of the antagonist played by Ronit Roy as Bhairav Singh that is Rohan's father. All others have done their roles really well by bringing out real portraits of stereotypes. 

Narrative pace some may say that it is slow but thats what is the essence of the movie too. It surely does not want to fall in the rat race and is very very uncompromising in it's production. Thanks to director Vikramditya Motwane to stick to his faith and to Anurag Kashyap to produce such an essential film.

Loved this movie and it's for a repeat watch on my list. It's 4/5 for one of the best contemporary movies.

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