Friday, September 16, 2011


I have watched this movie a month ago and writing a review now which is against the practice I adopt to write a review as an when I watch it. Still, the whole movie is very vivid for me coz its an unforgettable story and the images linger long time after we have watched this. This movie may jolt the beliefs and also make a few question what we stand for actually.

Based on a Chalam story 'Doshagunam' this movie is very placid in narration and slowly but surely enters deep into the mind. No escape can be made from past memories if they were those of Kanakaiah the boy whose story is told. The main protagonist as per me would be Saradamba though as she is the one who drove the story and its more important to know what happens to her.

Chalam, my favorite Telugu writer and trust me there are very few writers in other languages who can match his sensitivity. He has already given such a great story that we just need a bunch of actors and a camera to capture the acting. Taken up by Mohan Krishna as his first directorial venture he should be lauded by telugu film fraternity that has been putting lackluster runs all through last decade with screenplays that either lackadaisical or languid.

Acting is top notch by all who have done but outstandingly it is by Bharani which can be expected as he has the valor in him to carry any character but the best comes from Jayalalitha as Saradamba. She was quite a revelation and it's sad to know that telugu film industry that they were not able to give her apt roles.

The entire film was in black and white and when I watched the movie in CIEFL (now EFL) hyderabad in 2006, the director was specifically asked said why was it in B & W for which the director answered that it was a matter of pure choice whether he wants Black and White or color and it was a just a button he had to play with. I was not i agreement with the answer as the reason seemed to abstract. I would have rather thought that the film wanted to stick to the story and black and white helps enhance the story and the emotions of characters as the colors and the cinematography are less observed also only dreams are in color which would rather substantiate a thought that reality is all in black and white its either good or bad but dreams are colorful as its how we perceive dreams.

Also, a mention to the title music that will haunt anyone. Kudos to K.Vijay, the music director.

I am going with 4/5 for a story thats a gem.  Its rare that it has been made in Telugu, an industry that revels in heroes histrionics and heroines exposure more that the content of the story.

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