Friday, September 16, 2011


Gulzar is the best teacher of subtlety and sensitivity The movie that has such an enormous array of emotions and the trauma associated, is dealt with matchless subtlety and sublime sensibility. This movie brings smiles and also tears along but those come from heart as after a few minutes into the movie, my mind stopped and it was only heart that saw it unfold.

A story that's bound in a waiting room on a railway station is interesting but make no mistake, this is not one of the typical sob sob dramas, its hugely realisitic and highly authentic. Mahender stands as epitome of fickle mindedness but is getting to lead a normal married life that does not involve Maya. In one dialogue, he says I love Maya, this is truth and I am trying to forget her and this is right. Sudha is the epitome of a normal house wife but also is very extremely open minded too and believes to do what heart likes is to do the right thing. Maya is an aberattion who is very strong minded and very firmly believes that marriages ruin lives. So the characters itself are so strong and different that it is really hard to correlate to anyone but still the story as a whole is very relatable to those who have been in an affair prior to their marriage.

Though the film is supremely indifferent to modern day mindset it still roots for tradition and the importance of human values. There is a price we need to pay if we take anyone for granted and that can be our own life  is what the essence I can make out of this movie. 

Technically though, the movie had its share of flaws. Now, in a very low budget movie that is based between hardly 5 characters and 2 or 3 locations these can be afforded but if these were taken care this would have been just so better. Like double shadows of Rekha while is in waiting room, and though the power has gone in railway station, the faces of Rekha and Nasseruddin and clearly visible which would have been better if it was just dialogue in the dark.

Apart from the technical flaws, the movie is still great coz it has a very sensible story. I am very critical of Ashok Mehta, the cinematographer and highly appreciative of Gulzar.

This is 4/5 for a story that is very very poetically told.

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