Monday, September 12, 2011


For a traveller like me flying means a lot but this film made me re think as to how much do we need to travel.

It made me ask, how much we should do for what? The movie comes across in various layers, a man who flies and is bent on collecting the flyer miles, a man who wants to walk down the aisle on his sister's wedding, a man who sits at a place to fire people. Now it's the same and he has same kind of charisma and persona and a great dignity and in everything he does. He has a very understated style but nevertheless a style for sure.

It's not a comedy, it's serious that does not make it a sob sob, it's a drama relevant to todays times. How do you feel if fired from a company? This film makes and observant look on such emotions but at the same not indulging much as it has got various other things to look at. I am happy to have seen this and each time I saw (3 in all for now) it brought to me the facets of a character that are so humane.  This movie is very smart and slick and has all in it to be considered a modern classic. It is not cult but it's one that deserves a watch fly and fly higher in the air.

It's 3/5 for a movie that is so very relevant in the times that we live.

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