Wednesday, September 21, 2011


Death can be hopeful if thought in the right way.

I liked this movie but could not fall in love with it. It's very well made and exquisitely shot and the characters have all the right notes to make you empathize for them. Yet, this film has the missing element the soul of a movie comes not by good dialogues or relatable characters or even great cinematography, it comes when you start rooting for a character. When you think that Carter Chambers would return from the operation when you think that edward Cole would complete the rest of the journey. My heart did not go out for either coz it was all very predictable. A bit of unpredictability would have made this go hay wire and too much of it right from first frame made me just a spectator to an event rather than making me involve. 

The two protagonists touch all the right chords at the right time when they just realize that end is all pervading death and there is no escape. But they loose when they start to plot for each other like Edward Cole sets up a girl for Carter and Carter wants Edward to get back in touch with his daughter. These points digressed the movie and though it made the movie realistic, I must confess they just made the movie miss the point. The point is to get things done which a man wants to do before he ends his life.

It's surely a good one to watch and if there is movie that had an urgent message which says "There's no time left out, just do in this life" and that has been made in last 5-10 years then here it is. I am going with 3/5 for a movie that had all the good things in the bucket but the list should have been completed before the end.

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