Friday, September 2, 2011


What would happen to you if you were in an alien country and your loved one gets lost. Hitchcock might have thought this and build the script.

Profound in tension and thorough with suspense as any other Hitchcock film this one is a must watch for a few lessons on film making itself. First, how to bring tension to the mind of audience from nowhere is what Hitchcock hits upon. And if ever there was any importance for a song then this movie permeates a cut above the rest for it's usage of music and song.

I cannot even think that any other director would have thought on earth that if we shoot a gun when the cymbals crash the noise of the trigger would not be heard and would be lost. Ah, that is what is Hitchcock is all about and shall continue to be.

Okay, done with Hitchcock coming to the movie it's a tale of a couple whose child has been kidnapped in an alien country now they get him back forms the story. In the meanwhile, there are few characters of great importance who form the plot completely. The usage of music is so very important and poignant if for once it is used as a backdrop for a murder then it is also used for a mother to reclaim her child. The acting as expected is top notch. Screenplay is very good and so is editing. Above them all is the Hitchcock direction that takes a plot filled with anxieties to that filled with tension and suspense. It grows on gradually.

Its 4/5 for a great Hitchcock film.

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