Tuesday, September 20, 2011


Originally written – February 10, 2010

Now, for the first time, I will preach (were my other blogs doing something else?). Preach something that I do in spirit(all preachings need not be followed by the preacher either).

All I am going to say to you guys (hey, whom am I addressing to, there are no readers to this crap I write each time) is just have a happiness point and do strive to reach that each day. 

What's this happiness point? It's something that you do and derives happiness as a result. I derive happiness in writing (how much crap it may be) so I just keep doing that as many times as possible coz the process of writing gives me happiness.  

Similarly, you choose what you like to do and just do it. This may not be the same task, I just don't write all through the day at one point I love taking photographs, at another, I love listening to music and so on and so forth. So just have something to do that you love and just have a smile and do. Have a fetish towards something and just go for it.

Remember, just see that you don't lose that smile ever. Coz a smile can light up more than your life (oh, what a thought Aristotle would frown, should he listen). Anyways, I am done with my crap again and just posted it cause I did not blog much recently and just wanna keep what's going in my dirty mind that has sick and filthy thoughts but churns out and throws these crappy pathetic things knowing many may say it's not even worth a read.

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