Saturday, December 28, 2013


A wonderful gem that should not be missed by a fan of films.

A scene in which Shahid returns home is heart touching and another one in which he gives his first salary to his mom is heart rending too. Moments like this which are subtle and sensitive are plethora in this film filled of nuances. 

Our film fraternity seems to be shying a wee bit away from pusillanimity and is becoming adventurous and intrepid too. Look at the films like Kai Po Che, Ship of Theseus, The Lunchbox and even Lootera are fine examples of that. In the same league Shahid stands and am happy to be ending my film watching year with a fine film. 

There is an uncompromising sincerity that is there unflinchingly through out the film. Proposing a divorcee in a tea stall or studying law through the conundrums of jail. These are some moments that show how true the film tries to be sincere. The product quality is subject to a personal opinion but the intent unanimously wins all hearts.

Made in a modest budget the film is a fine example of how a supreme story be conveyed in a small budget too. With mostly unknown faces, the director Hansal Mehta has extracted exemplary performances from his cast. 

Rajkumar Yadav plays the role of Shahid Azmi and he is an actor to watch out for. His performance is convincing and portrayed a rare obedience that might be ambitious to be expecting from a relatively new and coming of age actor. 

Cinematography is good and sound direction especially the simplistic background music. Best part being this film does not have songs or fights. This is a proper commercial film that has strong real characters and conflict but devoid of the artificial conflicts. 

It's a strong a powerful film. Mind you it's a biopic based on a lawyer Shahid Azmi and I salute his spirit of fighting for the innocent. 

I am going with 5/5 and this is a memorable film for me and a challenging one to make considering the political consequences. Salutes to Anurag Kashyap who believed and backed this project. Thanks to Hansal Mehta who has the guts and courage to bring this story to light uncompromisingly. 

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