Saturday, December 7, 2013

PAAR (1984) - HINDI

The plight of the poor is encapsulated stupendously in this heart rending tale of a couple.

Aptly titled as PAAR, The Crossing which means reaching the other end, the couple here strives just to make ends meet. Indeed fails for a good amount of time and finally is contented with whatever has been offered.

This is one of the most authentic and yet simple film that is made on the poor, and how human spirit to fight against all the odds can keep a soul happy. Also, to show some contrast , there is a scene in which the jubilation of the youth of 1983 when India won the Cricket World Cup is put. This shows the stark realities of our society which indeed is effective even today in some parts of the nation. 

This is a great lesson on film making in itself to today's youth. There is no flamboyance, style, nor any graphics or even fantasy. There are characters who are from a village, who seek employment and who are afraid of life in itself and would go to any length to respectfully earn their bread. A scene in which Naurangi (Naseeruddin Shah) is offered a few rupees and when he denies it saying, "Aap kuch bhi kaam de do mujhe, jhaadu pocha ya kuch bhi" shows that even poor have their self respect and it was put well. 

Gautam Ghose, made this film when he was 33-34 and man he has the gut to show us in face what India meant in 1984. Damn, kudos to his gut and the script work he had done. The shot of crossing the river, is a testimony of what a director should actually be capable of, without any technology, cameras or hype, simply capturing the emotions of characters. He seems to be a spectator in a grand scale to such heinous acts that were depicted in the film and has placed them supremely well in this film. 

Acting by each and everyone was exemplary. Naseeruddin Shah and Shabana Azmi gave one of their finest performances. Shabana Azmi as Rama is memorable. The other cast which includes a host of actors from Utpal Dutt to Om Puri and many more, did their parts well. 

This is a film that shows the dark realities of the Indian society in 1980's and kudos to Gautam Ghose and the makers of the film to conceive this and giving it to us. I hope so that many from my generation and from the future generations, watch this. 

The screenplay, was at time non-linear per say and with flashes of back story. It was commendable and interesting. The editing also was good, all through it just kept the story moving forward. The cinematography from the titles to the end credits was supreme.

I loved the whole of the film, but to see it again, I must have the dare to let my heart rend and wrench by the trauma I will emotionally subject myself to. I am going with 5/5 for this. Just loved it. 

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