Sunday, December 29, 2013


Passion exuberance in every frame of the film. A rarity and a great tribute to cinema itself.

When love, passion and intelligence come together a genius is made and precisely Cinema Paradiso is that. Giuseppe Tornatore is a genius too. This is just his second feature film and he does an exemplary job. 

The nuances of a child from helping friends to learning things, growing up as juvenile and falling in love, then as a man who does his own thing. The life of a person is shown beautifully with wonderful fine moments. I love the scene in which Alfredo tells him not to trust a blue-eyed woman and how he uses a dialogue from an old film is wonderful. From Keaton to Chaplin to Clark Gable to many more. There are wonderful references. The aficionados will love this as there are many montages of the good old films. The genius lies in a scene where the frame of the pass through the walls of the projection room and the film is showed on a wall of a street. Wonderful thing that and hats off to the writer director Tornatore for that.

I must specially mention Ennio Morricone and his score. What music does, we all know it  adds up life in a bland moment. It adds emotions, it reflects emotions, it fills silences. Ennio Moricone does it all and more he adds life to movie itself and how much ever I praise Morricone, it would be less by all means.

The acting is fine be it of Alfredo, the projectionist played by Philippe Noiret, Salvatore Di Vita (child) played by Salvatore Cascio or a host of others. The boy and Alfredo have a charming chemistry which is wonderful, it gives a smile and at times there are feelings echoed my own of the way I respected my childhood teachers.

A word about Giuseppe Tornatore, he really knows how to show kids and adolescents in the film. The earlier film I watched of his, Malena too had shown adolescent feelings wonderfully and here too, he knows how wonderful a kid can be and precisely depicts that with even more sensitivity. Kudos to him for that and I shall be indebted for him in many ways to have made two of my favourite films. This one and Malena.

To all the film lovers, this is a must watch film and one of those that you must surely watch before I pass away. I am lucky to watch this and wish there shall be many more lucky ones. A 5/5 for this, one of the greatest films ever.  

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