Thursday, December 12, 2013


A film that keeps inspiring many viewers. A wonderful depiction and portrayal of a just interesting character.

It's the boxer Jake LaMotta's life, the personal envy he goes through which transpires into his professional failures at times. Now, this is not a film about a boxing but is about a flawed man. His fall his rise and his redemption and getting on with life. A boxer who became a stand up comedian. 

This is a testimony of acting, the physical transformation that Robert De Niro underwent for the role of Jake LaMotta is remarkable and is one that is helped, even 33 years later as a great symbol of submitting one self to a role. Robert De Niro, after this film was taken very seriously and was enlisted as a great actor hence. 

The writing was good, if not great but the depiction of the written work was something stupendous. The supporting characters, be it Joe Pesci as Jake's brother Joey LaMotta or the lesser know referees in the boxing ring, were all great in the portrayal of their roles. The film flows so fluidly in emotions that it seems natural. An example, if I can take is that of Jake asking his brother Joey about Vickie, Jake's wife, when they were setting up a television.  That scene was cool and many scenes like these were cool too. 

The fights are wonderfully choreographed and the camera placement is a wonderful thing. Camera became a character and took me as viewer into the ring. The jabs, the punches and the blood that was oozing out, all seemed real. Damn the camera, damn the cinematographer, and damn the director. I damn them because such a thing would be hard for many to achieve and they have done a stupendous job.  The shots are wonderful and iconic. Also, the choice of Black and White as the presentation Medium, unlike Colour seems to have set this movie apart from a regular film. It is intriguing and striking.

The sound direction is another aspect that is perfect, from the sound of camera flashes to the screaming of Jake in prison, it was all wonderful and it remained in head so long after the movie. Also, the background music which would almost go unnoticed if not given a keen ear to, has played a substantial role in elevating the emotions.

All in all, a well crafted and a perfect film that I believe is one of the best sports film and one of the finest performances ever displayed. Scorsese was considered a great film maker since this film, and even today stands above many as one of the finest film makers of our time. 

Thanks to LaMotta for his own work on this, but more thanks to DeNiro and Scorsese for giving us one of the finest films ever. An undoubted 5/5 for this.

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