Sunday, December 22, 2013


A poignant and powerful american film that is extremely patriotic.

James Stewart played an iconic character of Jefferson Smith, a juvenile senator. He played with a rare naive and innocence that set the role on a whole high. It is easily a charming and lovely performance by him. Indeed, there is nothing charming about the character coz its neither stylish nor flamboyant, but its supremely honest and that is what is charming about Senator Smith.

This film is certainly one of the finest Capra's film and probably next only to his It's a Wonderful Life. 
It tells the story of how an upright straightforward juvenile boy is trapped in the conundrums of corruption that is there in 1930s america. And how he fights to overcome that. 

Now this is a simple line that is made extravagant by imbibing many political details in the realms of the script. From elaborating the meaning of Liberty to referring many clauses of USA constitution, this film is wonderfully insightful and politically detailed.  

The dare of the director to take on a corrupt and flawed state of the political system in America is worth appreciating. This indeed stands out as a very first and prominent film to take on the role of nexus between politicians and local business people. 

Every technical department from light to sound to writing is perfect. Above all, I loved the writing by Rob Riskin and Frank Capra. This is a fine film and has many great moments. Thanks to Capra for this and admiration for his work grows. A 4/5 for this.

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