Monday, December 23, 2013


A gem that was missed and is continued to be missed.

Barring a couple of songs there is nothing bad in this movie. It has wonderful people nice emotions and also a subtle message. Still, it was neither known nor recognized it seems like this film was never made. Somehow, I got this and watched it. Wow, I found a little gem myself which I can proudly show to my family.

This is a film that is based a rural place call Hadbahedi and is visited by Rishi Kapoor who is told to be born there. There is a rival village which is more famous but because of misdeed. While Hadbahedi is not know, it has lot of good values. People do not even eat non vegetarian or eggs. Liquor is not touched. There are not many facilities yet people seem to be contended. That's the essence of the village. 

Rishi Kapoor who is fondly referred to as Chintuji plays his own role. Just that he is a narcissist actor who loves himself and needs money to get himself out of trouble. He is selfish and inconsiderate too. 
Rishi Kapoor plays the role with aplomb and ease and makes it his own. I dare say, only he could justify the role and I cannot think of any other actor doing Chintu as Rishi did it.

The film is intelligent at times and seems stupid too, but the best part is it never takes itself seriously. And that's the reason it works. It's embellished with few delicious moments and nice scenes that make us tickle and chuckle pretty much from the word go. Though there are some uncalled for subplots like a guy being accused of terrorist or a journalist being kidnapped, they do not let us deviate from the main plot and that's good. 

For songs, as afore mentioned, those were not needed, but one song which takes the names of world famous directors from Akira Kurosawa to Vittoria De Sica and many more is just hilarious. Many moments like this make it a fun watch.

The screenplay is quick and the editing seems fine for much of the film. The performances by much of the little characters be it a rickshaw puller who comes in one scene or Maa ji, seemed great. But again, it's the uninhibited performance of the protagonist Rishi Kapoor as Chintuji that makes it work.

I wish this is either re-released or is selected for few festivals coz it deserves a wider audience and appreciation than what it actually got. I am going with probably a high rating of 4/5, but it's ok coz I loved it.

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