Sunday, December 1, 2013


A genius makes this. So it is wonderfully good. Chaplin has seldom faulted and here he is standing at his genius best.

So many elements are new in this, the effect of industrialisation on humans. The need and greed for money. Craving for love and doing work so as to keep the lover happy.  This is one of the most poignant films culturally and on humanitarian terms. Charlie as the Tramp delivers an immaculate performance that is a treat to watch. From being a hero in jail and struggles outside of jail. He comes to terms with the world that has become a flock, like flock of sheep that braze on grass, humans now braze on their new jobs as workers in factories. 

Ok, technically, this is a Silent film, now considering 1936 where the "talkies" have become regular in Hollywood, it seemed somewhat anachronistic. Yet, had the tramp spoke he would have become one among many, a common man and his mystic characteristics might have surfaced and he would have lost his charm. So it was a good thing that it was kept silent just for the sake of maintaining the uniqueness of "The Tramp".

There are so many unique things in this film that even today, it would to be tough to scale the magnanimity of the sets involved, the charm of the love story and the simplicity of the humour. Be it a scene where he looks at buttons of a woman as nut and bolts trying to fix them, or his fall into the damp water realising that it is not a lake or pond. So many moments are beautiful and simple and this is one of the rarest films, that will bring laughter irrespective of time and age. And it indeed brings a tear drop at times too. Emotions are universal, and the better connected they are, more beautiful the film will be. 

Chaplin knew the art if film making, yes and more than that he knew the art of being a simple human being. What it takes to live a life simply, what goes through a simple man trying to earn his bread. What goes through a lover who is trying to win the heart of a girl. He knew all this so well and many traits of his thoughts have surface in this film, making it a wonderful film and how many times ever I watch this, I never got bored and I never will. 

To distinctly say that so and so in this film is wonderful would be demeaning the essence of the film. 
So, everything is superb and I can bet on this for laughs any time. A 5/5 for one of the greatest films ever.

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