Sunday, December 1, 2013


An unpredictable film that is about a meeting of two icons. 

Indeed it's bizarre considering that this does not have a story per say except the line of the story which might have said "What might have happened when Einstein encountered Marilyn Monroe?". This interesting question in answered rather interestingly in this film. The scene in which Marilyn interprets theory of relativity to Einstein is so revealing and indeed hilarious, it puts out a layman's perspective in front of  great scientist and it's wonderfully done. 

Also, there are two more principal characters The Senator and The Ballplayer as they are referred to, had I been american I would have correlated them to Joe McCarthy and Joe Dimaggio. Since, I was unaware I had to dig through wikipedia to learn the relationships. Yet, the conversation was so intriguing and inquisitive that it just made me wonder what would come next. 

There are really very significant moments in the film and I am not very sure, why was the film titled as "INSIGNIFICANCE". The beauty lies in concealing the obvious and revealing the mystique and putting it out very very interestingly in a very minimal space. Space, I am referring to is the shooting space. The film was mostly shot in an apartment. The space in the apartment was superbly used.

The art direction, set design, and even the cinematography created the mood and atmosphere that I believe was apt, be it the flashback scenes of the characters or those during the conversation, it was all done well. 

To determine in line, what this film is actually about is a tough job for me, as I cannot contemplate the point or comprehend on the whole as to what this film actually meant. I can only say, it was based on a conversation that would have been simple, if these were normal people, but there are 4 eccentric icons who are famous and that would take the whole film to a new realm. 

All that said, it is interesting and even absurd at times, as it does not conclude, say or do anything, except for  a few laughs and few interesting moments. It's beauty lies in the absurd which I agree with, yet I wished it had a few more interesting moments than the ones. I am going with 3/5 with is interesting film that could have been so much more.

Thanks to Nicolas Roeg, this is the first film of this director and he seems to be have an interesting wit and a good head and perhaps, I will review a few more of his films.

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