Sunday, December 22, 2013


A wonderful philanthropic film made in the turbulent times of 1930s.

In 1933 during Great Depression, a wealthy man called Longfellow Deeds decides to go philanthropic and is accused of insanity too. The film in many ways is a testament to philanthropy and what money does to empower people and also how money acts as an evil to the bad fellows.

The film is done well in terms of photography, sound and editing. It tops in writing and directing. I love the way Frank Capra puts out his films, though there are some cinematic liberties, overall it panned out well. There were a few questionable liberties too, but all is well if it ends well. Precisely, that is what happens with the film.

Gar Cooper as Longfellow Deeds is wonderful and Jean Arthur as Louise "Babe" Benett was lovely, charming and admirable. The way Jean Arthur connives Deeds is wonderful too. Of course, there are moments where, Deed conveys how all the people he met in his life are fake and how loveable Babe is, show that is these are pure Capra moments, the initial master who drew emotions with a tear in the eye. Frank Capra began the march toward greatness with his earlier film "It Happened One Night" and continued it with this and his other wonderful films too.

The film stands tall in history with several remakes or references down the years and is one of the finest to have come out in 1930's. Yet, I rate a few films of Frank Capra above this and I am going with a 3/5. Yes, it's loveable but it does not demand a repeat watch, unlike his other films. So thus, putting my rating down a bit.

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