Tuesday, November 6, 2012


You weave a fabric filling with your heart
To make it glorious, you give life
Though least considered thread it is,
You place it meticulously
Piercing it with needle and your sharp looks
As you embroider it with laces of multi colors
You talk with it as you weave, trying to make it wise
Telling quotes from great books
Thus, you made a vivid heart on a plain fabric
So beautiful is transformation of cloth
As butterfly is born from a silk moth
You held it for moments too little and disliked it
For it was too vivid and bright for you
Whoever but you, saw it liked it
Your heart it was and it had you within
You made it with care but couldn’t stand its glare
Thus it went to the hands of your friend
Where it’s now torn and waits for the end

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