Monday, November 12, 2012


Here, we have a story that is worth being told for generations to come.

A story of a man, who had everything going against him and yet he did whatever best he could. And when you do your best in whatever you have taken upon, you would mostly succeed. And there in lies the story of FORREST GUMP. When you are determined, even Gods would come down embracing you. Look at that scene in which there were no shrimps and after the hurricane there is plethora of shrimps and they become millionaires.

Yet, most of it is untrue and even hypothetical, like running coast to coast for 3 years. Even such fabrications will be loved and embraced, if we love this man called Forrest Gump. He does everything from meeting the president to running the whole of America to being a war hero and setting up his own business and becoming a millionaire. And did I say, this was against all the odds, he had, yes, he did not have legs and he got them back by running, he is human of below-average intelligence (as described by wikipedia), yet he proves all of them wrong by being successful in everything he does. 

Tom Hanks as Forrest Gump, has given us one of the best performances ever and this is a great character in itself. I have learnt from wikipedia that Robert Zemeckis the director, deviated from the novel written by Winston Groom. Now, what he did as a the director was a good thing and that is what I strongly believe. I did not read the novel though, but I loved Gump the way he is, so I think the changes were good. 

Technically, I liked the editing, though nearly 2 and half hours long, it was not at all so boring. Also, the screenplay by Eric Roth was good. The direction, I loved it. Look at that feather fly from skies to Gump's feet and then fly away at the end, just a glimpse of what direction is. Special effects were great specially in terms of putting Gump with the presidents and even John Lennon, I just liked the way it was all done. Also, I loved the dialogue and what a piece of writing this was, you can turn simple things interesting by saying them in an interesting way, and this movie does that through dialogue.

Above all, I loved Forrest Gump as he is and more than anything, I loved Tom Hanks as Forrest, this is a great portrayal of a character. From dialect, to walking style to costumes, everything was appealing and interesting about Forrest Gump.

It's a 4/5 for a movie that is great in terms of characterisation of a man who has a "JUST DO IT" spirit and for Tom Hanks who has given one of the best performances.

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