Friday, November 16, 2012


A prison escape that is technically so much better than other prison escape stories.

A man wanted freedom, he redeems his life by escaping for the Shawshank prison and the man's name is Andy Dufrsne. This film is dramatic take of a man, and in a way it is similar to Escape from Alcatraz and The Great Escape. The similarity is that the above mentioned films are also prison escapes and the similarity ends there. This movie is more about hope and redemption than anything else and this is what sets this film above the other escape stories. 

For a man, freedom is highest value and he would do anything to get it. Andy Dufresne (Tim Robbins) is such a nice fellow that we would for sure like him for the way he is, when he chuckles at the warden when music is played in prison or when he asks for beers to his friends without having a sip. We like him coz he is selfless, humane in nature. But more so, he is selfish and works towards his freedom at the same time. Now, in terms of character he has company n the firm of Red (Morgan Freeman) and what a great character, RED was, is understood, by the way he narrates the story. And thus, it's not surprising for Morgan Freeman to have garnered more best actor award nominations than Tim Robbins. 

The novel, written by Stephen sets it up in 1949 - 1966 period in a prison called Shawshank in Maine, USA. Frank Darabont made it into a film that's great to see but also tests our patience. It's great in terms of cinematography, lighting and costume design and even art direction, but greater was the acting by two lead characters. Just because of their acting, I was compelled to see this story of HOPE, that ends in a good way.

The sound design is great and worthy of a special mention as a realistic sound the prison of 1940's to 60's was created. Editing though, I believe could have been done by cutting short a few scenes,  or rather cutting out a few scenes, just like say one week of hole for Bogs. 

I have seen this thrice and, since I knew that this is the best rated picture on imdb, but the more I see it, the less I started to like it, may be I know the story too very well. Maybe, I am finding fault with reasons of a prison escape done too trivially, by crawling in gutter for 500 yards or by creating a hole in the room. Or maybe, I think that Andy was just too easy and too casual on what he did. These are all my own reasons that put me down each time, I see this. Yet this has a good place in my memory and heart for I see this, just because there is hope, and HOPE IS A GOOD THING. I just love the dialogues of this film and thanks to Stephen King and Frank Darabont for that.

It's a 4/5 for a movie that may not be the best in my view yet is a good one to be watching. Go listen dialogues like 'you get busy living or you get busy dying'. They are like music to ears.

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