Monday, November 26, 2012


Each night, there was a light
Of hope and happiness that shone brightly
Now, it's gone dim

Sleeping in tears, weeping in fear
Walking under vigil, talking of own peril
On what shall we rely?
When God has not come to save
While he took the offerings we gave
And love is hard to be born
In such times when we are torn

Yet we must make a way to fight them
And give back the terror they have given
But how could it be done?
When we can't be one, on mother earth
When egos cannot gel and, for compassion
There is a dearth

Wake up now for you may not live next moment
In vain shall go, the hardships you underwent
And the time spent to realize your dreams
They would turn to nothing but screams
So get up, my sisters and brothers
Stand as one and leave other bothers
To live and to fight those who feel
Its right to take our lives

So get up and light the light
That shone brightly in the night
So get up to run free again  
And have fun under the sun

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