Sunday, November 25, 2012


This a laugh out loud film we can enjoy with our families.

Now, again we have Billy Wilder at the helm as director and he turns Men into Women and makes a fun ride. Now, why this makeover, they need job and women are given job, so they turn into women, funny isn't it? Yes indeed this is a fun ride. This is a kind of movie that can be watched with a family or friends and can be laughed at. It's a great movie to watch with just that we have to keep our brains out.

Billy Wilder had earlier debuted with a movie called MINOR OR MAJOR where a woman becomes a minor to get a ticket at half price, so these kind of funny things are not new in Billy Wilder movies, just that they get funnier here. We have the ever young Marilyn Monroe here and wow, the way she walks is worth a watch and only few can kiss like Marilyn does on screen. There is certain kind of enigma to her personality I think that kept her the highest paid actress then. 

The technical aspects of this film are good, just that we don't care too much of it because of the constant laughs we get. Yes look at the scenes between Josephine and Daphne (the men turned women) and they are the best. There is a certain kind of comic timing that is just so hilarious. There is lot of running around too, chases in vans, cops, mafia dons, women, music all come together in this film. 

Above all that, it's the dialogue that makes it more lively, the last scenes where Daphne says "I am a Man" to which his male supposed fiancé says "Well, nobody's perfect" and there is THE END of this film. 

I am going with 4/5 for a great fun movie. And as always Billy Wilder film is worth a watch and this one makes up more than that. 

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