Friday, November 23, 2012


A silly dumb adventure that sails on sea for most part and left me with seasickness.

At the end of the movie, I was hearing claps in the theatre and I was wondering what have they liked so much in the film because I did not like anything. Yes, the visual effects were good, but nowhere near a movie like JURASSIC PARK. Don’t even compare with AVATAR please. The plot, oh, where is the plot, a boy gets lost in a sea because of a thunderstorm and he takes a trip with a tiger and for the good part of it, both are struck together in sea. The episode was too long for me and just made me feel like it's giving me seasickness. 

Now, where did it go wrong? If I may say so, then in the writing itself that does not involve audience much. That is, it did not do anything to me. It neither thrilled me nor moved me nor made me laugh out loud. It went on and on and got me drowsy by the end. 

The only good thing is special effects that are good, but I am sure many movies in recent past have come with better effects and better ideas. Hailed by many as one of the best films of this year, I would rather say, it's a boring adventure. It is good for the first half hour or even an hour I would say, but after that it goes on and on and the sad part is it has inevitable end. It's not a kind of movie that could have ended anyway, the adventure has to end and the boy has to grow and the big Pi (Irrfan Khan) is going to tell this to his friend. 

Hey, now there is a twist, he tells this adventure and he tells a believable story while normal people stick to his believable story, his writer friend likes the adventure. So I as audience, had to give in to something and I was rather interested in the story he told than this adventure. 

The best moments are done in the first half an hour itself with Pi and his family in Pondicherry, once he gets on a ship, and gets lost, it stays for sometime, but man, those jelly fish, those whales, even that royal Bengal tiger that was made in CGI did not help me liking it. So I disliked it to the core. Once, he said Richard Parker (Tiger) was gone at the end, I fell into sleep, I just couldn't take that. Damn, we had been there at the very night of a day (Night 11 PM show) and with all the pains taken, we see an adventure end just like that. 

It meant nothing for me, and I am going with a 1/5. This 1 rating is for the special effects and the gorgeous titles that were good but not great. Ang Lee, you squeezed me in to this film and you gave me a bad film so this is what I give you back, a negative review. 

I suppose I among the very few who are going to criticize this movie as most others are going gaga over this. It's okay; I have my own mind anyways.


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