Saturday, November 24, 2012


Let me see. Where is he?
Others say that he is everywhere,
but he seems to be nowhere
Have my eyes gone blind?
Or is it that the others don't have a mind
Sat in a cave but not to find even a grave
Went to the mountains, found a water fountain
Who has made these or, are they self-made?
Who has put myself here or have I come by myself?
Questions so many and answers nowhere
In search here and there, can’t see them anywhere
What have I done to myself in the quest for the unknown
Became a clown, a moron and also unknown
What a sick situation is this or a great retrospection?
Seen everywhere but have not done introspection
All the power is within, I just realized
I can be whatever I want, from a clown to those unrealized
Yet, when I ask to make myself who am I?
I get the answer as a son to parents and a friend of many
when I again asked who am I?
I got the answer as a human, like others so many
who said this to me? Myself or is that unknown,
whom I wanted to know be it an intellect or a clown
Then again came an answer from a mind so blown,
An answer came as nothing when I felt to be something
I was happy and wanted to be something
But not so much as I am nothing
Now I want to be left from the quest to know,
That unknown and unseen as I realized he too is nothing

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