Monday, February 4, 2013


One of the sexiest films that pays tribute to films and film buffs.

Aficionados is a rather nice term of a buff as I learnt through movie many years ago. Firstly, thanks to my friend Raghuveer who let me know of this film and since that happened nearly 5 years ago, I watched it multiple times. When I revisited this film yesterday, I loved the whole of it again. A film buff  (Mathew) in Paris meets friends, a brother (Theo) and a sister (Isabelle) and they talk films, make out and face reality.

It's a movie that makes a comment on how different is life from movies, we just can't be dreaming for a better world, dreaming about movies, living movies. Reality is a choice while in movies, the actors have choice. The last scene is all about that is what I believe. 

Set in 1968 and mostly shot indoors, the art direction is good nevertheless and the cinematography sets the mood perfectly. Camera takes it's time for making us settle to the characters which are idiosyncratic and Matthew seems to be trying in touch with reality while Isabelle (Eva Green) claims herself to be purist and thus, does not even watch TV. Theo is another film buff and he is an introvert as it seems, he rarely gets out and is stuck with his sister most of the time. 

The music plays it's part in bringing the sound of 1968 alive, and though this is set in Paris, we hear to English songs more than the French. Now, on the whole this movie seems to be actually more about the sexual tension between the three characters than about their passion for films, as I figured out. It can also be termed as incestuous as brother and sister have fun too. There are lot many scenes, not one that point out their tension and what they desire from each other, yes there are scenes about their favourite movies, like who is good, Keaton or Chaplin and glimpses of few very old good movies, even French movies and about Truffaut too, but all are just leads to what happens between the three. Surprisingly, when their parents find out that the three have 'made out' they stick to silence and that surprised me each time I saw this and has now made me realise that it's the best thing they can do.

All in all, it's a great film by Bernardo Bertolucci and a 4/5 would be apt for the sexiest tribute to films, just wish it was more about films than sex.

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