Friday, February 1, 2013


To tell you the truth,
I’d wonder what I should say
Hearing that, you’d never want to talk
Never want to stay
Never want to sit or walk
Never laugh or weep
Never even sigh or breathe
Never want to live and wish we died
Never want to look at your own face
Never wanted to hear and hope it’s a lie
But, I couldn’t help it dear I too am in tears
Tears of a lifetime and I got nothing but tears
Make your heart hard, and hear what I heard
Our daughter is no more she has just left us
She, in all senses has theft us,
She looted our dreams she left us with screams
She, my dear has gone to grave
Why to live, what to crave? You may say
Yet we must, for the second one we have
Live and give her life.

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