Thursday, February 7, 2013


The only climax to life is death. This is a depressing and a thoroughly thought provoking film on death.

The movie is named AMOUR that is LOVE in French and indeed it is all about love How distressed you would when your loved one is suffering is what this movie is based on Michael Haneke, one of the most accomplished and a great provocative director has brought to life one of the most inescapable truths in one of the most depressing and yet a thoroughly engaging way. 

Mind you, this is not a move that is enjoyable to the least, it is something that we must go through in our ripe age before we fall. But the process of suffering to death makes the one who really loves us so very distressed that it is tough even to express or contemplate what is going through. 

Anne (Emmanuelle Riva) and George (Jean-Louis Trintignant) are octogenarian (in their eighties) wife and husband. Anne has suffered paralytic strokes ad George has to take care of her. Now, he does take care and ensures that though she suffers, he does everything to reduce her suffering and to help her pass away peacefully. Michael Haneke who wrote this film, had his own past attached to such a process, where had to let go of someone he loved so much. Old age is not a great age to be in and especially, the eighties, we must be prepared coz any moment the clock can stop for us. It's supremely written and sublimely acted by these two actors who are really in their eighties. Emmanuelle Riva (85) is now the oldest nominee for an Academy Award (Oscar). I think, before their death this is one of the best gifts, these they have given us. 

Big thanks to Michael Haneke for bringing these prime-old people on board with a script that suits them perfectly and extracting sublime acting from them. Also, thanks to studios who have produced this. I can understand that this is a French Movie and French Movies mostly have an open Ending and this one too has an ending that can interpreted as freedom, liberation and even death. But truth of life is death and we have to accept that.

Set mostly in an apartment between two people, this enthrals in the agony of the woman and I must say, Emmanuelle Riva has given a performance of her life The cinematography, sound and even the usage of "Schubert" music are splendid.

Big thanks to Michael Haneke who has now become a pioneer of truly realistic cinema and indeed it's one of the best films of last year. I am not giving a complete 5/5 as I think the pace is too slow for a repeat viewing and thus giving a 4/5. I am not sure if I will subject myself to such pain again by watching this.

It's sad to know that with the commercial garbage frenzy of Telugu Films, a beautiful film and many beautiful films like these have not been released at least in Hyderabad. It would be rude on my part to ggeneralise but it's a sad fact that we as Telugu audience dwell and revel in commercialism more than the art. May the "Businessman's", "Gabbar Singh's" "Adhurs" or even "Sudigaadu's" or "Naayaks" live but LOVE is something that is very difficult for us to even feel. Proud of my Telugu Brothers and Sisters of the film industry who embrace crap and garbage and when art like this is made, it is censored in the name of "explicit". We are a hypocritical society and we shall be mostly that for generations to come. Sad but true.

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