Thursday, February 28, 2013


It's an interview where the president is interviewed for his crimes. 

Now, this is a kind of movie that made me doze off, it seemed like a character study with a historical background. A man has done something wrong and it's all upto few other people to make him accept the crime or make him guilty. Now, Nixon was the president of USA and he was the only president to have resigned in 1974 for being part of a Watergate scandal. 

It's a beginning of a fall, and a fall of a president has to be interesting or at least there has to be substantial interest. Ron Howard creates that interest by making this film like a Network kind of film, where media and the impact of media plays a huge role in determining the character of a person. You are what you you say more than you are what you do, this seems to be an undercurrent theme in this media run movie. 

Acted competently by Michael Sheen as David Frost, the man who interviewed the president Richard Nixon, played by Frank Langella. These two performances are enough to make it go and see it. Having said that, it's their dialogue that has lot many details that make us sit and observe and then they do not help us conclude but rather confuse us what is right and what is wrong. Maybe, the point was to show that we are grey and not black and white, fair enough and if that's the point surely it was well made. 

Ron Howard as a director seems to be great at such Historical Dramas, be it Apollo 13 or Beautiful Mind or Cinderella Man. This one is no surprise and definitely it's a good film and indeed worth a watch for its screenplay and dialogue and acting more than anything else. 

The production design was good, the editing could have been better for a near 2 hour film that is all about an interview where lot many details are revealed. It's not a film where we can relate to, it neither one that is entertaining and makes us sit and watch, it's one that is simply made for showing us the brain behind a deed or rather misdeed. 

A 3/5 for definitely good film but I am sorry coz it did not work for me. Maybe, I am not interested in the politics involved in the film. 

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