Tuesday, January 22, 2013


Most of the times, a film that's rebellious has brought joy to me, and this was a great rebellion movie.

R.P. McMurphy (Fondly regarded as Mac or Randall) has to fight a nurse in a mental institution and before he fails he brought one man, freedom. The Chief got free and indeed freed Mac too. Death can be such a relief in a painful world It's better to die than to go through monstrous pain that shall make us fall one day so much painfully Jack Nicholson as R P McMurphy gave us one the best anti authoritarian, anti establishment, recidivist, performances that we have rarely seen. Look at home, giving the commentary of baseball match, explaining in great detail each intricacy of the game, or the way he brings the patients on one platform by playing a basketball game. He does so many things from fishing to partying, to make those poor sick people happy but succumbs to the torture and is let free by The Chief (Will Sampson). 

Miss Ratched (Louise Fletcher) is the authoritarian nurse who feels that she is doing a world of good, by listening to the patients  giving them medication and controlling them by her henchmen, she is not all evil  but most of her certainly is evil. We don't like dictators for one reason, because we want to dictate our own terms, we want to free ourselves from the bondage set by anyone else and bind ourselves by our own will to something. Ratched was hated because she set the terms, irrespective of the amount of pain she was going to transpire within those poor souls.And thus, R P McMurphy, who was till then a sane man, got wild, weird and mad.

Watch the movie for performances more than anything. The writing was good but I can't say great as it is mostly confined within the premises of the mental institution where patients stammer, mutter, scream, yell and even be silent. So how they act is more engrossing than what was written. The Chief's stoned emotions  Cheswick's fight for cigarettes, Billy's plea not to tell his mother. All are acted out extremely well. For extracting such great acting from the cast, I give Milos Forman, the director complete credit and he has done an outstanding job indeed. He stood out as the watchman, the captain, watched each emotion and molded them wonderfully to make us see what this film stands today.

The lighting, sound and cinematography are good. The music was great, it was not that creepy, or sad music, it was just as required for a scene. I'd rate this a great movie, as it brings alive the spirit of rebellion and I love to control my own life, even if I have to rebel for it. 

This is a 5/5 movie and one of the finest pictures known for acting, it's a triumph even in tragedy.

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