Wednesday, February 1, 2017


A gem that depicts a poignant issue.

It's a hopeful film on the hopeless state of many and eventually, everyone including me has to be part of at the end of our lives.

Life and death are just a second apart in each of our lives. Once we are termed dead, our names are forgotten, our memories are lost. We are termed as "body" and only the cremation/burial process will be on everyones mind. In such a cruel world, there are loved ones who love us and will miss us. This film is about such lovers.

Naseeruddin Shahs and Kalki Koechlin play the principal leads who wait for each of their respective spouses to be out of danger. They are full of hopelessness at the same they need to get over it and although with every passing day, hope fades away they fight. Also, commendable is Rajat Kapoor. The cast is superb and their performances are memorable.

The writing is apt and subtle. I feel that the director Anu Menon is one of the most sensitive directors we have. To touch upon this subject and execute it subtly is an achievement in itself. I thank her for making the viewers part of the journey and emotions by making them endure.

The two track of the film "Zara Zara" and "Tu Hai" will be on my playlist forever. "Zara Zara" is one of the best songs in recent times.

A 4/5 for a wonderful journey of emotions.

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