Tuesday, February 21, 2017


Man is the most dangerous animal - A line in the film. 

All humans are perverts - David Fincher.

Oh did Fincher really say that? Well, I did hear him in a video saying this and I do second him on that. About the line in the film, it's a line in the cipher by Zodiac. OK, this film is not about zodiac signs in any which way but about a killer whose name is Zodiac. There existed an animal with  the name "Zodiac" and he did murder in 1960's and 70's. 

This is a scene by scene heart wrenching film where one scene is difficult to handle emotionally than the earlier one. It's a drama that's heart wrenching and a psycho thriller that's like slow poison. We are made to sit and savor the poison and actually it tests a lot of patience being 2 and half hours long before it actually kills us.

Performances by Jake Gylenhall and Robert Downey Jr. stand out while all other played their part well. Fincher has a way of extracting great performances and he shows his skill through the film. Music played a part in the film and music was driven by the characters. Cinematography and production design were good and set the mood well. The mood was terrific all through the film and the variations of camera angles, the music, the emotions, everything came together in nearly every scene of the film. 

Thanks to Fincher for giving me Zodiac and a 4/5 for a good thriller.

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