Thursday, February 16, 2017


I love these even today and I can play with them for long.

There is nostalgia in these toys, this was indeed my first animation film I can remember seeing in a theater. I adored them then and it was a WOW. Even now, the WOW factor is still there and it actually grew. 
Good becomes great at times and we start appreciating for being kids. We may be good as adults  but as kids we were more or less great. I loved it when I saw this in 2010 in a theater and when I saw this again, I loved it more. It has a flow and the characters are so brilliantly etched. From the cowboy Andy to the astronaut Buzz to the two potato heads, each one is very neat and actually have a role to play. There is a significance to each character and they come together as a team to achieve their objectives. There are many aspects I can learn from this film, should I take it seriously.  

Technically, as any PIXAR film this is brilliant. Toy Story was the first film made by PIXAR and even after 15 years in the third installment, the theme is still relevant. PIXAR had redefined the animation industry since Walt Disney started it. I would firmly put PIXAR and DISNEY side by side if ever I were to rate animation companies. PIXAR, although goes further in exploring universal themes, blending them with emotions that we as humans can relate to.  

I don't want to single out anyone be it the director, writer, animator or any actor in appreciating their work. This is team film and everyone did their job extremely well. This film will stand among one of the finest animation films ever made for a very long time to come. 

A 5/5 for this.

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