Friday, February 17, 2017


This epic shall be one of the best ever films made for a very long time to come.

To sum it up, it has nuanced characters, universal plot, terrific mood setting and sublime performances. Thus, it makes it one of the best if not the best.

I am happy to have understood this film early in my life (around 15 years back) and am also happy to have seen other films by this director and these actors. This film was made by a great bunch of people who went on to become great post release of the film.

The beginning is as spine chilling as the end. There are moments of surprise, jaw-drop and goosebumps. This is a pinnacle if I may say in elevating viewers emotions and making him involved along the journey.
If I can pick one scene that defines Godfather for me, it has to be the slow camera movement to the horse head. The screams, the cries, the vendetta still linger in front of my eyes for days after I finished my viewing.

Mario Puzo gave it in writing but Coppola took this book to another level. Francis Ford Coppola shall remain in the list of best directors just because of Godfather. Although, he made many movies later on, Godfather remains tall. Marlon Brando and Al Pacino shall be forever the gangster son and father duo that's impeccable.

I loved it and when I watch it again, perhaps for some 30th time, I will love it more. The pace, the style, the environment all are enviable. A 5/5 for this epic.

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