Tuesday, January 17, 2017


It could have been a terrific historical drama sans songs. Even now its worth watching.

I loved many aspects of the film. Director Krish put it all together very well and my salutations to him. To dig into history and get information is the job of a historian. To write history dramatically is the job of a writer. To translate the writing into a worthy celluloid film is the job of a director. He plays it all and he plays all these roles really well.

All through the film, I did not find a moment of boredom except for the songs. The editing and the writing were superb ans they gelled well. I loved even the production design too. In thw days of Vfx, we may see some glitches but those are fine. Since the content was commendable, I could easily forgive many technical aspects of the film.

If not for Balakrishna, the dialogues would not have created impact. If not for Director Krish, the movie would not have been made so quickly. So kudos to the team. The dialogues are terrific.

Prior to this film, I loved "Aditya 369" and "Bhairava Dweepam" of Balakrishna and this is the 3rd film of his I loved. 

Historically we had some great war films. "Palmati Yuddham" was for me the finest war film made in Telugu. Now, this film falls in that league.
Here is a confession, I did not see "Bahubali" and I have no intention to watch it either. Simply because it did not attract me enough for watching. So technically, "Gutamiputra Satakarni" is the best visual effects film I have seen in Telugu.

"Saho" Director Krish you take all the credit. Thanks to you and your team. A 4/5 for giving us a piece of history and making it a great memory.

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