Wednesday, January 4, 2017


An engaging thriller handling many twists.

Every time I was catching up with the plot, it threw me and took me into a different direction. It was tough to predict or analyze the next scene of the film, but at the end it was rewarding. The film tested my patience. I was impatient to know the truth while the movie took its own sweet time to unravel. 

Every now and then as suspicion built up and I was almost about to come to a conclusion of the culprit, I was proved wrong. All in all, 3 times I was proved wrong and it was shattering for myself. I could not resist but see through the end of the film and enjoy my mistakes. As I traveled along with the film  I enjoyed the journey and at times I was thrown into deep valleys along the path. The deep valleys are worth exploring as they kept giving newer details. 

Hugh Jackman was at his best as a father. He was a drunkard and a father and there was a vulnerability needed and he executed that. Jake Gylenhall as a police officer who has a blinking habit is terrific. I loved the composure, the poise and meticulousness of Jake in the film. Jake has a long way to go and though he is underrated than most of his peers, he is a great actor and as time moves on, everyone will get to know of his greatness I believe.

Dennis Villeneuve is someone I am now in love with. I look forward to watching all his other films and his future projects as well. Although this is his second feature film, he did the job with precision. The photography by Roger Deakins is inspiring. The shots are rightly paced all along the film. There is a shot in which the camera zooms in on a bark of a tree and there is a house out of focus in the background. This shot added a lot of tension and I loved the build up.

Kudos to all the actors involved because each one stood out and performed well. Dennis Villeneuve is a director to watch out for. A 4/5 for a superb thriller that is executed well.

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