Wednesday, March 6, 2013


A great looking film that has less substance than the expectation.

It's a movie that looks great and even the premise is outstanding but is made comical i action ruining the point to an extent. Surely, when I saw it in theaters when I was very young  I loved it and went gaga and saw the whole trilogy in theaters and liked t to an extent But now, when I revisited it after several years, the 'wow' factor has gone and now it seems like any other action film.

Surely, in terms of action and the whole production design, this was the first of it's kind that had the greenish tinge to frames and setting up infinite space in a room, in that complete white background scene where "Neo" and Morpheus talk.

Keanu Reeves as Neo/Thomas Anderson was good ad so was Carrie Ann Moss as Trinity but I loved Morpheus played y Laurence Fishburne the most as his character was the epitome of setting men free from bondage and in his own way.

The writer-directors Wachowskis must be appreciated and credited a lot for having taken the Hollywood action sequences to a new level. Be it the "Bullet'movement" or the "walking on the walls" they were stunningly and with an ease.

We know, that none of it is possible, this is a science fantasy film that takes the premise from the myths of "being free from world". It takes from the Buddhism concept of "Nirvana" I think that means liberation of the soul. Yet, we are engaged in a way much better than many sci-fi films that this makes us believe in the theory atleast.

I might not like this whole picture being seen again, but I am going with a 3/5 that means the film is surely good. I might not watch this again just that I am not much into action. 

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