Sunday, March 10, 2013


One of my favorite movies ever and even today I love it more.

It's about something that is cute more than something that is required. We have most of things in our movies but here is a story who loves a kid, who indeed misses his the kids little things. 

The story is set in a Monster city where Monsters have to make kids cry or scare them rather. The scared kids screams produce energy that shall be used in the city. The premise of any PIXAR film, till I think UP was just so beautiful and nice till something went wrong. 

OK, so this movie has something that is cut and that is the little kid called "BOO" I love her so much and each time I see this, I love her more. The animation is wonderful here especially for her. And for me BOO is the cutest kid ever seen on a film.

The animation quality of PIXAR is outstanding, from the hairs of James P Sullivan to the setup of the doors to the whole Monsters world, it is too very detailed and amazing. I wish I could see this in theatre but alas I couldn't. The characters are superb and if Mike Wozawski is comical then, Randall, the dragon is cunning and a dastardly villain. 

At the bottom of this movie, like in most other PIXAR movies is an underline text and that is a father-daughter relationship. Sullivan becomes the father who starts taking care of BOO. This very care and what he actually misses when BOO is not around or what he loves about BOO makes the crux to an extent. 

Thanks to the PIXAR team for giving such a wonderful film that can be shown for generations of Kids and most kids love it I hope. A 5/5 for this.

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