Thursday, August 23, 2012


The diaries are surely worth reading. The journey is worth taking.

Two friends embark on a journey to know what their continent is like and what it is being out of their country and they discover not just themselves but a purpose of their own existence.

“I have something to think hard and long. So much injustice eh?” The last dialogue of the movie by Ernesto Che Guevara is what this movie culminates into. 

Based on diaries of two friends, Che and Alberto, this movie is a realisation of reality they have encountered and now they have to fight against injustice. 

This film has many emotions and feelings and puts them well together. From being humorous at times and being thoughtful the next, it sways all through the journey and by the end left me with a satisfying feeling. Now, I watched it fifth time and since first time time while in my college days till this day, neither my feeling or my way of looking at things in outside world changed yet it struck me each time with a quest for a change. It's a simple journey that is not dramatised to the extent of a proper climax that will make us see an edge of seat drama or makes us wait for something that's going to happen. Though, nothing of that sort happens, it ends with an apt note of a simple realization by a character and its the characters Ernesto Che Guevara and Alberto Granado who drove the movie. 

There are glimpses of romances though by Alberto mostly as he flirts with women and Che for once with his grilfriend, this is a romantic movie of a different kind, this is of two men who are love with their passion to explore. They beg, borrow but do not do any illegal thing of stealing money and yet make it thru the destination though longer than they intended, and longer was the journey the better got the situations. 

To simply say this movie is about the realisation of the greatest revolutionary fondly called 'Che' might well be an understatement. This is the transformation of a man from a selfish aimless love deprived being to a selfish revolutionary and more selfish for his passion to change what was existing, compassion to may be termed selfish as per this movie coz when wounds heal for those patients these two men have happiness in their eyes. 
To bring about a revolution one needs to be utterly selfish that he needs change at any cost.

Cinematography is great and so was art direction. Special mention to music by Gustavo Santaolalla, its apt and I just love the way a bit called "Apertura" was composed. Music echoed their feelings in this.

I will go with 4/5 for a journey that's a must watch not just because it is historically important for all those who are interested in knowing CHE, but it is about understanding what we value this live for. It's not preachy and that's the beauty it just conveys what it needs to subtly.

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