Monday, February 15, 2016


The adventure is poised and rightly so gets more fascinating. 

This is the second film of the trilogy and adds up more elements to the story. There are newer characters and few old ones seem to have been rested, for good. Yet, the fascination does not stop and it gets more engaging with this one. 

I am actually happy revisiting these films as I seem to understand more points about the story than I did earlier. I cannot put them here and become a spoiler as I am an ardent fan of the Lord of the Rings. Rather, I can say that everyone must see why this is one of the finest fantasies brought alive on celluloid.

The fellowship of the earlier film is split and yet each one is in the same pursuit. Their ways are different now, but the goal is still the same. The characterisations are still consistent and it makes it easier to understand the intention of each one. Also, it makes the story all the more fascinating. 

I love the technical aspects of the film, and that's one of the very reasons why this fantasy is highly appreciated. The visuals, the sound, the whole landscape. It seems so unreal and yet is so very connected. Peter Jackson is a genius who brought the whole middle earth in front of our eyes and yet everything seems like it existed at one point of time in reality. Also, he knows when to end and what to do with the material at hand.  That's where his genius is. This film takes off from a good point and lands at a very wonderful point, making us more eager to be on the next adventure.

It's a 5/5 for this one and is one of the greatest films and adventures ever. 

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