Monday, February 15, 2016


A heart-rending tale of an extremely loyal dog. 

I have seen some films where dogs talk, do funny things and even be very serious, those were unreal and cinematic. This one is a real dog and a real story. It does not, it does not do funny things or never becomes serious, it just plays itself as a dog. Hachiko, the dog is an amazing one and the story is fascinating too. 

It was hard to believe that such a dog existed, till I got to read the real story. Akita, the breed of Hachiko seems to be most loyal of all the dog breeds and we are lucky to have such beings accompany us in this world. I am lucky enough to have known and seen the story by myself, although in a cinematic form. 

It's a story that's worth telling and is worth knowing. There are aspects from where we as humans can learn something I believe. I learned to be more humble, and will try to be more down to earth. Death is a certainty that no mortal being can escape but the way we die makes what we are. This is the take away from the film. I hope to die in a way where I am remembered not just by my family and friends but by many more persons for the rightful deeds. 

Thanks to the technical team of this film, for taking this story and making us a film, so that many more will get to know of this. Thanks to Richard Gere for acting in this low-key film and making his performance and also the film special. He seems to be a generous human, by playing his part in a film like this one. Of all the technical aspects, I liked the music by Jan A P Kaczmarek. 

It's a 4/5 for a film that's tear-jerking, moving and memorable.

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