Friday, February 19, 2016


Calling this film 'Terrific' would still be an understatement.

Engaging right from the word go, and shocking at the end, this film is an epitome of writing and shows that if a well-written script is directed well, then everything becomes great. David Fincher was not a great well-known when he was making this. His first film Alien 3 was supposedly panned by most people. Then, he took on directing this cold blooded murder mystery film, and boy he did the job extremely well.

The dialogues are extremely important and they have a lot of weight. It's rare to see a thriller filled with such nuances and have a deep meaning to words. The action is minimal and yet has a very high impact. The culmination or finale is a shocker. To say the least, the last 30 minutes are riveting and spine chilling. 

The nearly 130 minutes film becomes highly action packed after 90 minutes. In the last 40 minutes, actually, there is a lot of dialogue that's very provocative than action. Yet. it's so very engaging that it takes me to the edge of seat each time I see this film thus, I call it as action-packed. I must say, I have seen this film multiple times, with multiple people as my viewing partners, and each time I like it more. So this film just keeps growing on me. 

The cinematography is amazing and so is the editing. These two departments technically are supreme. Other departments did their job well too. Of all, it's the direction that mattered. Fincher gave us a glimpse what he is capable of with this supreme film, his next one was "The Fight Club" which is a cult in itself.

It's a 5/5 for a great film that surpasses time to stand out as a classic thriller. I have not named the actual supreme character in this film, so go and find out who it is and what he does.

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