Sunday, February 7, 2016


A touching homecoming adventure of a Dinosaur.

Like in most Pixar films, there are moments that are heart wrenching, touching, exciting and endearing.  In the good dinosaur, there are a lot of such moments thankfully. The dull moments are spared and the editing of making this just 93 minutes feature helped I believe. The film is a thrilling adventure that has a lot of family values and emotional substance. In storytelling, this may quite not match up with the Pixar standards but in visual appeal, it surpasses Pixar's own standards. Technically, this film is just brilliant.

The visual effects are pleasing to the eye and the music pleased my ears. So, it was a great time for my eyes and ears and I liked it. Music by Mychael  Danna can be worth hearing independently too, and it has a universal appeal. Just loved the score of this film. 

The visual effects, the choice of colors, the depiction of natural elements and the dinosaurs itself, are all treat to the vision. It's a great feat in terms of achievement in the animation industry, I fell for the visual aspect of the film and happy to have seen the film in a theater in 3d. 

The writers, I wish had written or shown us a tighter story. Some elements were let loose and the film would have been better even without them. But I can easily spare them, coz they are tough  for a couple of minutes in this 93-minute feature, making 91 minutes totally worth the time.

Thanks to Peter Sohn to give us this film. We are happy about this and I felt to be lucky to have caught this in theaters.

It' a 4/5 for this film. Nice one, that should be watched for a good film experience.

Also, a special mention about the short film "Sanjay's Super Team". This is awesome and indeed, the best-animated shorts I saw in a long long time. The animation work done for the short film is amazing and being an Indian, I was proud with what I saw. Thanks to the director Sanjay Patel for this.

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